There are stories out there, waiting for you to come discover them. Palaces that have stood a thousand years and rivers that have run for a thousand more, all waiting to be a part of your story. Come on board with The Q. We’ll write you a magnum opus.



Stories are a magic vault of inspiration to give wings to your travel dreams. These are narratives about some of the most remarkable places in the world which we hope will not only help you imagine your own travel stories, but to start a conversation about making them a reality.

The Oasis in the Ice


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Where the wind is born


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The land that god made in anger


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The Great Ice Bears


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The White Continent


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The Q Romance

She’s Chalk.
He’s Cheese.
We’ll Put Together Something That Suits Them Both.
Romantic relationships might involve compromise.
Romantic getaways definitely shouldn’t.

Traveller Talks.
Antarctica was like going to a place so unworldly, like going to the moon or another planet. Antarctica was not a country, where no man made social or political rules apply, no timezone, no borders, country, visa and passports!
Smita Vahadane/New York
White continent is a dreamland to be, and I wonder if this would have been possible without The Q experiences. The team has taken care of complete onboarding until we got back in a professional manner. From visa to flight booking from Buenos Aires, everything was taken care by The Q experiences, and all we had to do is sit back and enjoy the serene nature of the alien land.
Harsh Agrawal/New Delhi
Thank you all so much
for making us experience the best the Antarctic can offer. We appreciate your immaculate planning and organisining things in such a spectacular way. We thank you all once again and this would be the beginning of our association.
Rashmi & Vinayak/Bengaluru
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