80 Degrees North Discover the Arctic

The largest archipelago of rugged islands peak the Far North in the Arctic. A luxury yacht is waiting to take you on a polar adventure ashore the largest islands of Spitsbergen. Hear the sound of the calving icebergs on the Arctic cruise. Sight the exotic tundra wildlife. Feel at one with the lands of the Northern hemisphere. Breathe in the life in ice, the life at 80 Degrees North. Let us take you on a summer cruise to the Arctic.

The Glaciers, the Bergs and the Fjords

Cruising to the largest islands of the Far North, feel your spirit set free, floating with the ice floes of Spitsbergen. Experience the thrill of making zodiac landings on the Arctic shores, where the Great Bears and the huge bird cliffs are waiting to welcome you.

JOURNEY BEGINS June 18th 2020

Starting @ INR 9,10,000 Per Person


Port of embarkation: Longyearbyen

A luxurious cruise awaits at the northernmost city of the world, Longyearbyen. Prepare for an 8-day Arctic expedition cruise to the heart of Spitsbergen, the largest island in the Svalbard archipelago. Let your tryst with ice, begin!


Meeting the Lord of the Arctic: Horn Glacier

The Great Polar Bears are the pride of the Horn Glacier. When the ice melts, the bears are out in the wild. Get set for a magical polar adventure.

DAY 3 & 4

The Best of Nature and Culture: Bellsund

Trace the mining history of Svalbard in the mountains and cliffs of Bellsund. A burst of colours explode on these cliffs, abounding in large colonies of birds.


The Beauty of the Bergs: Makeoyane and Monaco Glacier

The sound of the calving bergs of ice will fill your senses in the Monacobreen. This region of pristine white and blue icebergs and black rocks is the best that can be explored while on an Arctic cruise.


The Ruins of an Arctic Town: Smeerenburg

Smeerenburg is the blubber town, being a Dutch whaling centre in the 17th century. You are going to be stepping on a desolate yet protected region, with a trail of civilization that was left behind.


The Stories of Legends : NY-Ålesund & Kongsfjorden

At Kongsfjorden expect to hear awe-inspiring fables from NY-Ålesund, the most significant research station from where legends like Roald Amundsen and Umberto Nobile started their North Pole expeditions.


Back to the Farthest North: Longyearbyen

On the eighth day of your Arctic travel, get back to where you started from, to the territories dominated by the national parks and nature reserves, the beautiful snow clad Longyearbyen.

Trip Highlights


Start your journey from the northernmost town of the North, Longyearbyen.


Sail through huge glaciers, icebergs and ice floes of Spitsbergen, the largest island of the Svalbard archipelago.


Experience zodiac landings ashore the Arctic through the eight days of the Arctic cruise.


Hike in the snow amidst the jagged mountains of the magnificent ruins of Smeerenburg.


Marvel at the site of the calving icebergs at the Monaco Glacier.


Witness the largest colony of puffins burst into a riot of colours on the white landscape.


Meet the Great Bears of the North at Hornsund and also be enthralled by the varied wildlife of the icy terrain.


Follow the magical trail of the walruses. Cherish a polar adventure.


Visit the research town of NY Alesund from where stalwarts like Amundsen started their polar expeditions.


Why is this cruise to the Arctic called 80 Degrees North?

In our Arctic cruise 2019, we are going to touch base at 80 degrees north, the island of Spitsbergen which is in the Svalbard archipelago off the coast of Norway, very close to the North Pole.

Where exactly in the Arctic are we taking you?

We are going to take you to Spitsbergen in the Svalbard archipelago off the coast of Norway, which is close to the North Pole. On the map it is midway between the North Pole and Norway.

Where does the 80 Degrees North journey start from?

This a 7 Nights / 8days journey which starts and ends in Paris.
We board the ship from Longyearbyen, the largest town and capital of Spitsbergen that is also a fishing village. But ours is a Paris to Paris package so the journey begins from there.

How much time does it take from Paris to reach Longyearbyen?

On a scheduled flight from Europe, Longyearbyen would take 15 hours whereas on our private chartered flight you will reach in 4 hours.

How cold is Svalbard in the Arctic?

Contrary to belief, it is not cold all the time throughout the year. June-July are peak summer months in the Svalbard, Arctic with 24 hours of daylight.

What is the exact temperature in the Arctic?

June is the ideal time to visit the Svalbard archipelagos in Arctic, with temperatures ranging from 0 to 5° C. As we enter into the Arctic summer in June you will enjoy magnificent views of the Midnight Sun as the sun doesn’t set and you experience day light for 24 hours.

How will you keep warm in the Arctic up 80 Degrees North? Will I be provided the necessary amenities?

Dress in layers, enough to insulate yourself, but don’t overdress also to an extent that your body temperature exceeds. Protect your head, feet, fingertips and nose from frostbite as these are sensitive to extremities in the weather.
You will be given a Polar Parka suited to your size for you to keep you warm for all the excursions and a pair of boots as well. On board our luxury cruise, temperatures are regulated to the best of your comfort.

Where is the Arctic Circle?

The Arctic Circle is approximately at a latitude of 66.5 degrees north from the equator. This means that this journey takes us beyond the Arctic Circle, further up toward the North Pole at 80 Degrees North.

Will you encounter any people on your journey to Svalbard?

There are 40 different ethnic people living in the Arctic.
Longyearbyen, the capital of Spitsbergen, is the northernmost inhabited town in the Arctic with over 2000 people living their daily lives there. You can expect to encounter some indigenous tribes on your journey to Svalbard.

Can you see the polar bears in the part of Arctic that we are going to visit in Svalbard?

Yes, a population of over 20,000 polar bears abound in the Arctic. Known as the Lord of the Arctic, witnessing the polar bear is a rare sight and a bucketlist item for globetrotters. Spitsbergen in the month of June is the ideal destination to spot these Great Bears.
In the beginning of the journey we touch base at Hornbreen. The glacier debouches into Hornsund where you will be met by the Great Bears of the land. Since we are taking you beyond Longyearbyen, to the ice floes further north, chances of catching a glimpse of this much sought after animal is more.

Do puffins live in the Arctic?

Yes, a burst of colours on the fjords and bergs of the Arctic, the largest colony of puffins live in the Arctic.
Large bird cliffs can be spotted in Bellsund in Svalbard, where huge colonies of these puffins abound.

What animals can you spot up 80 Degrees North in the Arctic?

The highlight of this journey will be spotting the Lord of the Arctic, the Polar Bear. This journey is a unique wildlife safari as you can look forward to seeing reindeers, walruses, seals, arctic foxes, arctic terns, whales, puffins.
Spitsbergen is the Wildlife Capital of the Arctic and that is exactly where you are going so you can expect an enthralling wildlife expedition on this luxury cruise.

Do penguins live in the Arctic?

No, penguins are endemic to the Southern Hemisphere, not the Arctic.

Are there plants in the Arctic?

There are 1,700 species of plants on the Arctic tundra, including flowering plants, dwarf shrubs, herbs, grasses, mosses, and lichens. Permafrost, a layer of soil and partially decomposed organic matter, is frozen year-round.
The surprise element of the Arctic summer is the vibrant colorful wild flowers adding life to the blue landscape; it is indeed rare to sight an iced caped mountain with a burst of wild flowers.

Why is the Arctic a desert?

Since the Arctic and also the southern polar regions receive almost no precipitation, rain or snow, they are the coldest deserts in the world. The Arctic receives almost as less rain as the Sahara. It is always frozen as it is so cold that the snow that falls doesn’t melt.

Why is the Arctic Ocean frozen?

The Arctic Ocean is the least saline of all oceanic waters due to low evaporation levels and limited connectivity to surrounding waters with higher salinities. As known, water bodies with higher component of salt freezes more quickly. This is why the Arctic Ocean is frozen throughout the year.
In the summers when we visit around mid June, the ice melts enough for ships to be able to navigate the still icy waters and explore the unique wildlife of the land.

What is the best time to visit Svalbard in the Arctic?

The best time to visit the Arctic is between May and September. In June, 24 hours of daylight is guaranteed and this allows us to make atleast two landings on the shores of Svalbard in Arctic.

How can you reach the Svalbard archipelagos in the Arctic?

There are many way to reach The Arctic. Paris is the gateway to the Svalbard archipelagos, in the northern Arctic regions and hence is the best route to take for our journey. You will reach the Arctic through Paris for our exclusive curation of 80 Degrees North.

What unique experiences can you expect on our Arctic expedition, 80 Degrees North?

Cruising into Svalbard, you will witness glaciers and ice structures that have been in existence for years, some of which stretch as long as 20km and few of them have identified names. The icy structures in this region are a unique form of art. The varied wild life and the Lord of the Arctic, the Polar Bears endemic to the region, makes the place unique.

Do you need a VISA to go to Svalbard in the Arctic? Will The Q look into the VISA procedure?

A journey to Svalbard in the Arctic will require you to apply for the Schengen Visa and we, at The Q, can assist you with the same.

What is the cost of going to Svalbard, Arctic from India?

Your journey to Svalbard will require you to take a flight to Paris after which you will join the group on a chartered flight to Longyearbyen- the capital of Spitsbergen. From India the airfare ranges between INR 50,000 to INR 1,50,000 depending on choice of economy/ business class.

What is the cost for a couple going to Svalbard?

The expected cost is around INR 15,80,000 per couple for an Albatross Room (194 sq ft)

Can I take my child along with me on this cruising journey?

Children below 6 are not permitted to join us on board. Any child above this age can cruise along with you to the Arctic.

I would want to do the 80 Degrees North cruise with The Q but these dates don’t suit me. Can I go some other time?

Yes, our experience designers and travel experts can surely present other options to you subject to availability.

I want to travel with The Q but not 80 Degrees North. Anything else that can be arranged?

Apart from luxury polar cruises, The Q also handcrafts experiences customized to your interests so a unique journey can be put together by our team of experience designers. Being a luxury travel organization, we maintain certain standard of services. We believe that no two travellers can be the same. Hence at the helm of the organization, team members worth 50 years of differentiated experience in tourism and travel, curate not only group journeys but individual travel too.

Why the Arctic with The Q?

The mystical Arctic reveals itself as the ‘Land of the Great Bears.’ Meet the Lord of the Arctic this June. On a luxury cruise, the Arctic journey will unfurl as a fantasy that is yet untold.

The Q is an award winning luxury travel organization that has been pioneering small ship luxury cruising enroute magical polar adventures. We have been taking passionate, enthusiastic travellers and distinguished personalities all across the world and even beyond, on board luxury cruises. We have fulfilled the polar dreams of well arrived Indians, handcrafting an experience that goes beyond imagination. ‘Luxury Travel Reimagined’ is what has been defining us from our inception. We wish to take it to the next level by curating experiences that are ethereal and timeless.

In the breezy and light summer month of June; we now brave the Arctic cruise. A frozen ocean that is also a land of the Midnight Sun by summer; the Arctic fjords and glaciers is going to be a rare epiphany with The Q. Experience a unique polar journey that will stand out from your travelogue as one which is memorable and grandiloquent, one that the world thought was remote, wild and unexplored but one which you also conquered.

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