The White Continent


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The Q Romance

She’s Chalk.
He’s Cheese.
We’ll Put Together Something That Suits Them Both.
Romantic relationships might involve compromise.
Romantic getaways definitely shouldn’t.

Traveller Talks.
Antarctica was like going to a place so unworldly, like going to the moon or another planet. Antarctica was not a country, where no man made social or political rules apply, no timezone, no borders, country, visa and passports!
Smita Vahadane/New York
White continent is a dreamland to be, and I wonder if this would have been possible without The Q experiences. The team has taken care of complete onboarding until we got back in a professional manner. From visa to flight booking from Buenos Aires, everything was taken care by The Q experiences, and all we had to do is sit back and enjoy the serene nature of the alien land.
Harsh Agrawal/New Delhi
Thank you all so much
for making us experience the best the Antarctic can offer. We appreciate your immaculate planning and organisining things in such a spectacular way. We thank you all once again and this would be the beginning of our association.
Rashmi & Vinayak/Bengaluru
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